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Note:-Gail India Limited will going to Expand their Network To Rurban & Rural Area under Ujjwala Yojana.

GAIL (India) Limited currently owns & operates about 11,400 Kms. of natural gas pipeline network with around 75% of market share in Natural Gas Transmission within country, connecting multiple gas sources to various customers.

For accessing various natural gas pipeline systems of GAIL, entities and customers may please provide their contact details along with their capacity requirement and plant location to enable GAIL to respond within 3 working days.

Capacity can be booked on Common Carrier Basis OR Contract Carrier Basis.

For Booking Common Carrier Capacity (for a period of less than one year), following is the process flow:

  1. Process Flow for Petrol Pump owner Investment :- Rs.1000000/-
  2. Process Flow for New Customers Investment:- Rs.1500000/-

For Applying New CNG Pump Station (for a period of minimum 10 year)
Last Date For New Registration is 30 Sep.2019
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Capacity & Tariff

Natural Gas Pipeline Capacity and Zonal Tariffs (as on November 2018)
S.NO Name of NG Pipeline Sub Network Capacity In (MMSCMD) Tariff In Rs/MMBTU #
Total Capacity* Total Common
Carrier Capacity*
Available Common
Carrier Capacity*
Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4
1 DVPL-GREP Upgradation NA 54 13.5 7.563 42.46 48.14 53.76 59.32
2 Dahej-Uran-Dabhol-Panvel NA 19.9 4.98 1.470 24.41 24.65 NA NA
3 Dadri-Bawana-Nangal NA 31 7.75 6.074 14.04 14.06 NA NA
4 Chainsa-Jhajjar-Hisar NA 35 8.75 8.749 7.85 NA NA NA
5 Dabhol-Bengaluru NA 16 4 3.888 40.82 40.86 40.86 NA
6 Kochi-Koottanad-Bengaluru-Mangaluru NA 16 4 2.346 42.78 42.82 NA NA
7 Dukli-Maharajganj NA 0.075 0.019 0.019 46.37 NA NA NA
8 Agartala Regional NA 2 0.5 0.500 45.89 NA NA NA
9 KG- Basin NA 15.997 4 3.000 45.32 NA NA NA
10 Cauvery Basin Narimanam - Kuthalam 2 0.5 0.500 17.41 NA NA NA
Ramnad 2.33 0.58 0.512 16.63 NA NA NA
11 Mumbai Regional Uran-Thal-Usar 3.543 0.89 0.550 3.49 NA NA NA
Trombay 3.494 0.87 0.870 1.04 NA NA NA
12 Gujarat Regional P/L Network South Gujarat Main 3.25 0.81 0.760 27.59 NA NA NA
Motwan 0.0855 0.02 0.020 2.77 NA NA NA
Kadi-Kalol 0.128 0.03 0.030 61.61 NA NA NA
Kalol-Ramol 0.666 0.17 0.170 1.90 NA NA NA
Mehsana 0.235 0.06 0.060 14.82 NA NA NA
Paliyad 0.068 0.02 0.020 4.56 NA NA NA
Ex-Hazira (GGCL) 3.88 0.97 0.970 1.10 NA NA NA
13 Bihar-Jharkhand NA 15.997 4 3.000 45.32 NA NA NA
13 Uttar Pardesh NA 25.997 6 8.000 45.32 NA NA NA
14 Maharatra NA 35.997 7 7.000 45.32 NA NA NA
15 Rajasthan NA 75.997 7 3.000 48.89 NA NA NA
16 Punjab-Hariyana NA 75.7 7 9.000 85.00 NA NA NA
i Chainsa-Jhajjar-Hissar p/l has been laid for 5 MMSCMD vis-à-vis 35 MMSCMD of the authorised capacity.
ii Kochi-Koottanad-Bengaluru-Mangaluru p/l has been laid for 6 MMSCMD vis-à-vis 16 MMSCMD of the authorized capacity.
iii Tariff-Zone means the zone of a length of three hundred Kms .each along the route of the natural gas pipeline from the point of origin till the end point and a width of 50 Kms or 10% of total trunkline length, whichever is less, from the nearest point on the pipeline on both sides. For more details, kindly refer PNGRB regulation on "Determination of NG Pipeline Tariff".
iv * As per PNGRB acceptance and it shall be subject to declaration by PNGRB, from time to time, under the PNGRB (Determining capacity of Petroleum, petroleum products and Natural Gas Pipelines) Regulations 2010.
v # As per PNGRB's Tariff Orders and it shall be subject to determination/ fixation by PNGRB, from time to time, under the PNGRB (Determination of Natural Gas Pipeline Tariff) Regulations, 2008

The important features and highlights of CNG Pump Station are as follows :-
1. There would be a Joint partnership model for CNG stations in urban municipal areas and highways.
2. There will be 2 types of CNG stations which will come up under either CNG franchise model and PSU-OMC dealer model.
3. Under the PSU-OMC dealer model, online CNG station (through pipeline) or daughter booster CNG station (without pipeline) are covered.
4. Companies are going to provide main equipment to start new CNG stations in Gujarat/Bihar/U.P/Rajasthan/Maharastra/Punjab/Hariyana/Andhra Pradesh.
5. Applicants will have to perform Civil work as well as NOC.
6. It is important to note that the ownership (lease land also applicable) of land is compulsory for applicant to setup new CNG Pump Station in Gujarat.
Eligibility for CNG Pump Station :-
1. Applicant must be citizen of India
2. Applicant Age not less then 18 Years as on 30 Sep.2019.
3. Applicant have ownership of the land (if lease minimum 05 year) minimum dimension (28 mtr.X30 mtr.)
Required Documentsfor CNG Pump Station :-
1. ID Proof / Address Proof
2. PAN Card 3. Land Ownership Document is Required during Land Verification
Fee Structure for CNG Pump Station :-
1. Refundable Application Fee :- Rs. 10000/- (Note if your selection is not done this fee is refunded)
2. NOC Fee :- Rs.75000/-
3. Security Fee for Online (Through Pipeline) CNG Pump under Municipal Corporation Area :- Rs. 150000/-
4. Security Fee for Online (Through Pipeline) CNG Pump Sation from outside Municipal Corporation Area :- Rs.1000000/-
5. Security Fee for Offline (Through refilling gas container) CNG Pump from outside/with-in Municipal Corporation Area :- Rs.800000/-
Note:- If any Applicant want to apply from more then one location the Application fee is applicable for all location

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GAIL's Standard Gas Transmission Agreement (Access Arrangement)
Contains standard terms & conditions for access to any of GAIL’s Gas pipeline

Capacity Tranche
Contains specific terms & conditions for booking common carrier capacity in an existing gas pipeline between particular entry point and exit point

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